Society. You’re Doing It Wrong.

Be a kid. What? That’s right. BE. A. KID. In other words, be yourself. Be your great great self. Now. As kids…growing up has its ridiculous challenges. As kids, we were innocent untainted souls. Our fantastic minds and hearts and souls subliminally preached to us “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!” And, honestly…..truer words were never truer. But […]

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Have Better. The End.

Have Better. The End. Don’t listen to the poor opinions of others. That’s not a thing that has a good ending. Poor = Negative. Bad People love to see others fail. Its their MO (modus operandi) for getting through their choppy icky thing called Lousy Life. Don’t help people who don’t add to you; who […]

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Ego. Check It.

Her. Once upon a time, there was a guy and a girl. The girl was nice. She worked hard. She had a good heart. She looked out for others. She was the one who rescued the abandoned dog by the road. She was the one who put the lost mother back with the bewildered child […]

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The Smartest Guy In The Room.

It’s epidemic. Narcissism. Sociopathological behavior. Psychopathology at its finest. Epidemic. Lately, I find that client readings are spinning around Narcissist Of The Day. It bears repeating that Narcissists are not human. True that. There’s something off in the DNA of Narcissists. Insanely proud and prideful, these emotional parasites are Pot Stirrers, Troublemakers, Supreme Liars and BS […]

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Bitties And Boo Bears.

Bitties and Boo Bears are my catch phrases for the World’s most important wonderful sector: children. Aren’t kids a hoot? Those big eyes. Those sticky hands. Runny noses. Bed Head Hair. Shoes on wrong feet. Saggy diapers on their booties. Tummies like Grandpa’s tummy. Flat chested like Aunt Sarah (everybody says so). They. Are. Great. […]

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You’re Terrible.

You’re terrible. You have to be. Someone has shunned you. Alienated you. Ostracized you. Demonized you. They’ve gone Amish on you. They’ve compelled others to go Amish on you, too. Its a thing. You still have no idea what you did, what you said, what you didn’t do, what you didn’t say. You’ve quizzed others […]

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  Dying. Fiercely overwhelming to witness. Terrifying for souls looking into its face…Dying. These things we label “bodies” perform as vehicles for our souls to navigate here on Earth. As we know, bodies, like vehicles, require maintenance. So don’t judge anyone for their maintenance. They made certain choices to repair, upgrade and maintain their “vehicle” […]

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You. Crafted Perfection.

There’s a passage in the Bible that reads like this, “You are fearfully and wonderfully made” and it is so. When I’m in readings, it absolutely amazes me how God | Creator | Spirit | Universe crafted every living thing. Take humans, for example. YOU have loads and loads of protective layers in and around […]

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You Hypnotize Me. Wait. You Hypnotize You.

People say, “You can’t hypnotize me!” And they’re right. True story. Hypnosis is a partnership between Hypnotist and you; as a result, it is YOU participating in the hypnosis of YOU! How is it so? Because hypnosis is not mind control. You control hypnosis. And the benefits of hypnosis are, essentially, properly limitless. You and […]

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Things That Go Bump In The Night.

Clients contact me about inexplicable things going on in their houses; around their properties; at their offices; and share information about odd events subjecting their pets or children under unproductive and unhappy results. “Like what?” you ask. How about: being grabbed on your arm or struck on your back with no one around you your […]

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