Hold Harmless and Experience Information

Hold Harmless and Experience Information

1. Refunds: 72 hours notice before Lion Vine Grace booking date and time.

2. Fully booked and fully paid sessions in advance.

3. Lion Vine Grace is private and confidential (P&C).

4. Lion Vine Grace is educational and founded in the proven modalities metaphysical science, reading after reading.

5. Lion Vine Grace, Chi Squared Market & Business Analytics LLC, Vanessa Orr, Vanessa Orr, MBA, Vanessa L. Stuckey, Vanessa L. Stuckey, MBA, Vanessa L. Stock Stuckey, MBA are copyright(ed). Anyone/anything copying assets tacit to aforementioned platforms is infringement, fraud and legally punishable. Think Twice, please!

6. Client Age Management:

  • 17 years and younger: must be accompanied by, service paid for by and approved by parent/legal guardian. Amazing clients can oftentimes be very young, gifted, talented and deserve to have their parent/legal guardian with them per service deliverable.
  • 18 years+: may book at will and obey everything outlined here for a mutually beneficial education and experience.

7. Some readings and long distance Reiki/soul level healing results can be delivered via phone, Skype, WhatsApp or email. This is work product of metaphysics, Akashic Record readings, dowsing, hypnosis, dream and visitation readings, land | home | asset clearings, proven modalities in scientific platforms, Reiki and energy healing, divine light consciousness and grace; thus, Lion Vine Grace.

8. Lion Vine Grace work product, readings, hypnosis and analytics clear blocked, layered, trapped issues tacit to the problem(s) experienced by Client making way for healing, success, career advancement, PTSD relief, relationship management, business growth, market presence, product and service success, etc.. Being ready for session(s) expedites the positive for Client.